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Lessons in etiquette for students in grade 6-12, presented in eight, step by step lessons for use in the home or classroom.

Teens at the Table - Parts I and II
Table Manners, Social Behavior and Cotillion Lessons

Appropriate for youth, young adults and mature adults who seek a refresher course in Social Fitness. This program is designed to be staged in the familiar surroundings of the classroom, library, clubhouse or cafeteria. Class activities help students learn important skills that prepare them for formal dining situations. With this unique approach our goal is to help students build self esteem and confidence in knowing how to conduct themselves at the table and on the dance floor.



"Practicing the lessons learned here at every opportunity with classmates and family prepares young ladies and gentlemen for dining and socializing at home and away."
Teresa Kathryn Grisinger Reilly
                                     Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design
"Teachers and parents agree, this is a much needed course." Mrs. G. Davis, A.R.A.D.

"Only one out of 75 students knew how to set the table before I told them the correct way." Mrs. T., Middle School Parent Volunteer

Teens at the Table Part I
Table Manners and Good Social Behavior 
includes the following:

Lesson One: Place Settings (students set the table)


Lesson Two: Before the Meal (being seated)


Lesson Three: Dining Tips (how to eat different foods)


Lesson Four: Invitations, Introductions & Thank You Notes

Teens at the Table Part II
American Cotillion
 includes the following:

Lesson Five: A Guide to Selecting & Ordering Food


Lesson Six: Conversation and Communication
                    (telephone and email etiquette)


Lesson Seven: Dressing for Dinner (head to toe)


Lesson Eight: Dance Floor Etiquette - Beginning Ballroom Dance


Teens at the Table graduates receive an Etiquette Certificate. 


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