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Lessons in etiquette for students grades Kó12, and now, Behave! Etiquette Lessons for Adults, presented in easy to use, step by step lessons for use in the home or the classroom.

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The Etiquette Lessons Foundation series of books are age-appropriate. They contain lesson plans to guide instructors and students through class activities and quizzes to aid with comprehension and retention.



Etiquette Lessons Book
includes both Girls & Boys at the Table and Teens at the Table Part I 
(Table Manners & Social Behavior) and Part II (American Cotillion)
programs with lesson guides.


Item# 101A

Etiquette Lessons, Volume Two
We are proud to present more Etiquette Lessons! Volume II, Modern Manners, gives instructors, coaches and educators ten fresh, new lessons in table manners, social protocol and beginning ballroom dance plus practical guides to dining and deportment.


Item# 101B

Etiquette Lessons Book Set
Best Value!  "Etiquette Lessons" and "Etiquette Lessons, Vol Two"
Manners and protocol training textbooks with lesson guides.

per set

Item# 101C

Classroom Starter Kit

The Classroom Starter Kit includes: The teacher's Etiquette Lessons book set, teacher's Quiz book, Beginning Ballroom Music CD, 12 Student Work Books (for use in class) and 12 Student Achievement Certificates. 28 items for $49.95.  
Our best value!



Etiquette Achievement Certificates

$12.00 per dozen


Girls & Boys at The Table, Etiquette Booklets



Teens at the Table,
 Etiquette Booklets




Etiquette Lessons Quiz Book
Companion to Etiquette Lessons Book.
This test booklet contains quizzes and answer keys for each lesson.  Tests help evaluate student progress and ensure program effectiveness.



Ball Room Music CD 
Ballroom Dance




Etiquette Lessons Instructor Certification
includes Registration, Textbook, and Exam.
Certification requires a license to do business in your state, sales and public speaking abilities and references. Candidates must read the book, Etiquette Lessons cover to cover and complete a graded, online examination. Successful candidates will receive certification, business cards, contracts, fliers and advertising on Etiquette Lessons and American Cotillion web sites plus 20% discount on all related products.

Continuing with our special Tenth Anniversary Promotions, we are now offering a Free Etiquette Lessons Classroom Starter Kit with Registration for Instructor Certification, a $124.95 value for
 only $75



BEHAVE! Etiquette Lessons for Adults, Workbook
Put etiquette into action with this fast-paced workbook containing exercises and activities for 12 essential, etiquette lessons from "BEHAVE! Etiquette Lessons for Adults." This study guide will upgrade business and social etiquette skills like nothing else can.



Item #109
Etiquette Lessons for Adults, BEHAVE! by TK Reilly     
Etiquette Lessons for Adults, Behave! contains universal keys to positive self-representation: dining skills, (especially knife-and-fork skills) business and formal event wardrobe details and drink management directives. Behave! Blends lessons on protocol training and dining etiquette with practice activities, applied science and techniques to replace nervousness with confidence. Diamonds-in-the-rough can find many hidden facets of proper behavior and learn to shine with the accumulated knowledge in this book.




Item #110


Student  Workbooks


Item #111


"Etiquette Lessons" DVD album
Complete set of eight basic lessons including American Cotillion, 6 hours



Item #112
American Cotillion DVD
2 hours


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